How can I upload images to another server by FileColumn?

I have a big trouble.. :frowning:
I have two hosts. One is private, another is public.
Administrators will upload images in private host, but the images will
not be place in the public host.
I use FileColumn to be my uploading plugin.
Any advices?
Thanks :slight_smile:

is there a reason you're using FileColumn, specifically?

i highly recommend thoughtbot's Paperclip:

it's simple, handles permissions/deletions/mime-types.

you can also find some great tutorials online to get started.

(i'm assuming you're looking for help w/ the uploading part, and not
the differences in servers)



Thanks a lot!

But I have no time to use paperclip :frowning:

That’s okay, I use rsync to do this already.

Thanks again!


can I upload my file to ftp when using this Paperclip thing?


Did you mean sync file to another server?

Sync? No, I just want my files to be stored on a separate ftp account - my VPS has only 10 gig …

And when people are uploading loads of images or so, it won’t fit there. So I want to use one of those free unlimited storage hostings and upload data there …

And keep only code on my VPS …

Vojto Rinik