Home made blogging or go pro?

In trying to learn Ruby/RoR/AJAX, I'm trying to make a website for
myself that will (eventually) be my centralized 'online identity'. To
that end, I want every facet of the website (which will probably
include a blog, some photography highlights, and my academic writing,
and possibly wiki functionality) to be unified in style.

I'm not familiar with WordPress's downloadable software, but I figure
it would be fairly complicated to integrate that (visually) with the
rest of my site.

So I was wondering: if I was going to use a blogging engine, would it
be better to find a good Ruby implementation (minus any presentation,
just an engine) or to build one myself?

Obviously we hear all the time about building RoR blogs in 15 mins,
but I don't want a bare-bones blog.

What do you guys think? Go home made or go pro?

I'd say do the one you are more interested in learning more about. If
wordpress+plugins then go that way, if RoR then go that way.
Speed-wise prolly wordpress [?]

Often times the best way to learn something is to attack a motivating
problem that is intimately related to it. If you _really_ want to
learn Rails then I'd go with the homegrown approach simply because it
gives you a great environment for learning. Moreover, you'll later be
able to point to your production code as a sample of your work,
something that is being sought more and more when you try to land your
dream job.

Andy and Roger, thanks for your help and advice. I think it makes
sense and I do really want to be more of an RoR expert... also I think
it'll be more satisfying to use my own code, as long as I make it
interopable with other bloggers via OpenId or something.

Thanks again and sorry for the late reply.


If you like to learn in the presence of a book to turn to when you get
stuck, I would recommend that you check out Practical Rails Social
Networking Sites (http://www.amazon.com/Practical-Rails-Social-
Networking-Experts/dp/1590598415). It's got a section on creating a
blog, including RSS feeds and comments, and some other goodies that
you might find inspiring.


Ah thanks so much! I hadn't heard of this, and it looks to be a good