Highlighint rjs problem on a new product


Problem Summary:

I have been trying to add the highlight effect to my table but
everytime a new record is added the highlighting gives an rjs error.
However when i click the add to cart button on a product that already
exists inside the table, the highlight effect works. Is this because
the partial must only have only one <tr></tr> in it and the <table>
must be on the other page that is rendering that partial?

View Code:

I think i am nearer to the problem. it looks like the controller
add_to_cart function cannot save a new item and display it
correspondingly into the ajax parital.

I tried doing this

def add_to_cart
    @sguser = Sguser.find(params[:ad])
    @lineprice = SglineItem.find(:all, :conditions => "sguser_id =

    @item = SglineItem.new
    @item.sguser_id= params[:ad]

    respond_to do |format|


and the ajax partial would not update itself

No need help anymore solved!