High CPU usage problem.

I’ve been working with ruby on rails now for around 4 weeks, I am
having several issues with an apps I’m working on that was not developed
by myself, the site was made by a company that we no longer in contact
with. I’m running the site locally and seems to be running fine apart
from I cant send out the newsletter via the admin section, it doesn’t
come up with any error and looks like on the log its should be sent out
So I decided to see if I was missing a gem that may be required for this
to be sent out. I was given a list of required gems by the developer
and on this list there was a mail factory gem. I can’t seem to install
this gem locally (on windows) and when the gem is installed onto the
server (Linux) it makes the CPU usage go from 4% to 80% and the site
was taken down by the hosting company.
I’ve been working with this for a round 2 weeks now on this problem and
have started to become a bit desperate.
Does anyone know of any reason why the mail factory gem may be causing
this increase or if there is a similar gem that could be used?
Cheers Chris

can't help you with mail factory

we use the ActionMailer for all our mailing.
i don't know if this mail factory offers any special functionality, that
ActionMailer doesn't cover, but for simple sending around some
newsletters or any other everyday mailing like forgotten password or
registrations ActionMailer is good enough

Thanks for the quick reply, ive changed to active mailer and seem to be
running alot better, ive no idea what or why mailfactory is used for and
as i say i didnt develop the site, but nevermind thanks for your help.