hi all,

i havean array of events below contained in @event in my controller. i
want to print only the name all the events on a view providing a link
to the details a particular event by the event_id. this is such that
if you click on the name, it will lead to another page that will show
the details of that particular event. Am finding it hard getting the
controller method that will do the job.

//** here is the array of events.

[#<Upcoming::Event:0x17007c4 @category_id="8", @description="The
Denver Nuggets will host the Indiana Pacers for this inter-conference
matchup.", @id="5057995", @selfpromotion="0", @end_date="",
@end_time="-00001", @date_posted="2009-12-31 10:20:46", @user_id="4",
@name="Indiana Pacers at Denver Nuggets", @start_date="2010-03-05",
@venue_id="4474", @start_time="19:00:00", @metro_id="100;1000000",
@personal="0">, #<Upcoming::Event:0xdf980 @category_id="8",
@description="The seven-time NCAA champion University of Denver hockey
team celebrates its 60th Anniversary during the 2009-10 season.\n\n
\"We are looking forward to another highly-competitive schedule in
2009-10,\" said two-time National Coach of the Year George Gwozdecky.
\"Vermont will present a big challenge to start the season during the
most anticipated reunion in the history of our program. We play six of
our first 10 games on the road, including tough seriesâ?? at Ohio
State and Minnesota, before hosting North Dakota and St. Cloud State
in November. We will certainly be challenged at home and away from
Magness Arena this season.â??", @id="4551730", @selfpromotion="0",
@end_date="", @end_time="-00001", @date_posted="2009-09-30 13:28:14",
@user_id="810618", @name="Hockey: DU vs. Colorado College",
@start_date="2010-03-05", @venue_id="112401", @start_time="19:30:00",
@metro_id="100", @personal="0">, #<Upcoming::Event:0x17748ae
@category_id="8", @description="", @id="4444980", @selfpromotion="0",
@end_date="", @end_time="-00001", @date_posted="2009-09-21 20:29:49",
@user_id="4", @name="University of Denver Pioneer Hockey Vs St Cloud
State University Huskies Hockey", @start_date="2010-03-05",
@venue_id="379132", @start_time="19:37:00", @metro_id="1000000",
@personal="0">, #<Upcoming::Event:0x44cd9a @category_id="8",
@description="Colorado State University hosts University of Utah in
this college basketball matchup.", @id="5542353", @selfpromotion="0",
@end_date="", @end_time="-00001", @date_posted="2010-03-02 10:39:35",
@user_id="4", @name="Men's Basketball: Utah at Colorado State",
@start_date="2010-03-06", @venue_id="679896", @start_time="13:30:00",
@metro_id="", @personal="0">, #<Upcoming::Event:0x11644e1
@category_id="8", @description="Shoot baskets on the child-sized
basketball court.", @id="5104297", @selfpromotion="0", @end_date="",
@end_time="17:00:00", @date_posted="2010-01-02 01:35:24",
@user_id="4", @name="Making the Team", @start_date="2010-03-07",
@venue_id="89284", @start_time="10:00:00", @metro_id="1000000",

Hi, Kevid!
Have you tried scaffolding? It shold do the trick, you have only to
delete unnecessary data in index.html.erb and move the link to name.


Thanks for your response. the array i have is the result of a
webservice. Its a data I pulled from another web site.
my rails application has no model

----->>> just a form {in index.erb} to send specific data to a
webservice (defined in my controller.rb). it is this websevice that
returns the above array. I want to display only the name of each event
{ in show.erb} with the name linking to another template
{ details.erb } that will display details specific to the name
clicked on.

Any response from any one is appreciated.