Heroku's “pg:psql” command doesn't work. How to pass commands to load schema from structure.sql?

I want to load schema from structure.sql file to Heroku's database. On
my localhost machine I do as follows and all works just fine, all tables
are created:

C:\> psql -U postgres -a -d MyApp_development -f C:\MyApp\db\structure.sql

But when I want to perform the same task on Heroku, it suddenly says !
App not found, although I provide all correct commands and data.

First of all, I get my credentials:

C:\Heroku\MyApp>heroku pg:credentials DATABASE

Then I do copy/paste credentials and run the command but get App not

C:\Heroku\MyApp>heroku pg:psql DATABASE -U vmh... -a -d dc... -f
! App not found

But the app exists. When I run just heroku pg:psql I easily get
connected to my db:

C:\Heroku\MyApp>heroku pg:psql DATABASE
psql (9.2.4)
SSL-connection (key: DMN-...-...-..., bit: 256)
Enter "help" for information.

Why it says the app isn't found? I provided all correct data. What else
do I need to pass to create tables on Heroku from structure.sql?

This is not Heroku support... Use https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/heroku

Jordon Bedwell wrote in post #1112859:

Your question is not a general deployment question. It is heavily dependent on Heroku and as such somewhere more focused would be a better place to ask.

As proof look at all the replies you have received!

That is because people see “oh he’s having a problem with Heroku” (its even in the subject line) and then skip it because they know nothing about Heroku.

Ithink It should worked...

cd your-rails-project
heroku pg:psql -a your-app-name <db/structure.sql

Have you tried simply using rake load task? This should do the trick.

heroku run rake db:structure:load