here's some badly designed code


i am kyrre and i'm a rails newbie. i'm trying to combine altered beast
with chuckslist to create some sort of online community here in norway
where i can make friends and maybe even hook up with some lovely ladies.

but i feel that the chuckslist part ain't as up-to-date and
well-designed as the altered beast part. it's not restful for instance,
and my attempts at making it so were disastrous, so i figured i'd
consult the community before i make any more mistakes. kinda like the
saying goes, better digging a new hole instead of digging the same hole

here is everything i've got so far:

1) how do i make the chuckslist part restful? (how would this affect my
controllers and models?)
2) how do i perfect my routes? (i take it my routes_new.rb is a bad
3) are there any parts of altered beast that can replace parts of
chuckslist? (like now, the beast handles users and site configuration)
4) is there anything i can join, simplify, or remove? (for instance,
beast handles all users... and i don't think i'll be needing
chuckslist's "isAdmin" seeing as how beast already has "admin")
5) beast uses a lot of xml, what's with that? could chuckslist benefit
from that?

thank you all so much!

kyrre nygård

nevermind this shit turned out to be easy as hail :slight_smile:

thanks though