"Helper" for 2 controllers?

Place it in a module somewhere and have both controllers to include that module.

I included it in the controller with helper :points and called it like
above but I get an error:
undefined method create_points_account

What could be the problem?

Maurício Linhares wrote:

I guess I did not made myself clear.

I said create a module somewhere (usually under the lib folder), like:


module Points

def create_points_account( pts )
  f = PointAccount.new(:points => pts)
  f.resource = self
  return false if !f.save


And then at your controller:

class SomeController < ActionController::Base

  include Points


I changed it from helper :fund to include Fund and it's included now but
it doesn't really help cause there's still the error:
undefined method `create_fund' for #<User:0x5d52c6c>