help with sidekiq command during cap deploy - no such file or directory

cd /rorapps/foo/staging/foo_com/releases/20160727210019 && /usr/bin/env sidekiq --index 0 --pidfile /rorapps/foo/stagingfoo_com/shared/tmp/pids/ --environment staging --logfile /rorapps/foo/staging/foo_com/shared/log/sidekiq.log --daemon

DEBUG [b52ffd5f] /usr/bin/env:

DEBUG [b52ffd5f] sidekiq

DEBUG [b52ffd5f] : No such file or directory

but when i ssh into the server (same user as cap(set :user)) and copy & paste the command it goes through without error…

what is wrong here?

I don't know specifically, but usually this is because your environment
logging in through ssh is different than the one an ssh command runs in.