Help With Search Function in Model

Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new to ROR and am stuck on how to proceed. I have an application that stores businesses along with there delivery boundaries. The boundaries are stored as 4 latitude/longitude points. When a user does a search they enter there address and I need to bring back all of the businesses that deliver to them.

I use what’s called a Point in Poly algorithm to determine if a business delivers to the input address.

In my controller I set the result variable to a call to Search in the model like so…

@businesses =[:search])

In my model I have…

def @all Businesses= find(:all)

for bus in 0...@ @all Businesses.length   if( inPoly?(How do I get the attributes of bus to pass to inPoly?))    How Do I add this bus to my result list?   end end

How do I return my new list to the controller? end

  def self.inPoly?(point1,point2,point3,point4,testPoint)     I can do this   end

What I am really stuck on is how I can build my list in my search function. I am not sure how to access the attributes of each business in the for loop. And I am not sure how to return the result to the controller. Any help at all would be really apprectiated.