Help with pdf writer and show controller

This is my show controller for repair_tickets:

  def show
    @repair_ticket = RepairTicket.find(params[:id])


    respond_to do |format|
      format.html # show.html.erb
      format.xml { render :xml => @repair_ticket }

      format.pdf do
        send_data RepairTicketDrawer.draw(@repair_ticket), :filename =>
'repair_tickets/', :type => 'application/pdf',
:disposition => 'inline'

and this is my public class:

class RepairTicketDrawer
    def self.draw(repair_ticket)
       pdf =
          pdf.text "Test"
          pdf.text (repair_ticket.client_id)

This line gices me problems:
  pdf.text (repair_ticket.client_id)

I get:
   NoMethodError in Repair ticketsController#show
     undefined method `each' for 1:Fixnum

try pdf.text (repair_ticket.client_id.to_s)

i do this in my classes when generating an report. after that, i did
not get any more errors :wink:
(I look up attributes in an more generic way, so that i can do
report_and_send(@repair_ticket, options) and have only the desired
attributes rendered in an template. there i alwys do the to_s, since
once i got an error that sounds like yours with numeric values.