Help with Links/Routing

I apologise for the question but I am new in RoR.

Basically I have a hotel model which has_many rooms.

I created a manager controller for administration (im redirected to it after sucessful login) I also created the "index" and "managing" views in the manager's View.

My managers controller has for methods "index", showing all hotels and "managing", for showing a specific hotel using ` @hotel=Hotel.find(params[:id])` The goal is to list all the hotels and in front of every hotel, have a link that goes to the "managing.html.erb" view with the selected hotel inside.

Inside it, among others, I would like it to have a menu with several options, one of them being "Add Room".

I searched and I think im looking at nested resources.

However, since I dont have a manager model (only the controller and views), it it possible for me to create a link from de managers/index to the "/managers/managing.html.erb" which would be something like ":3000/managing/1", 1 being the hotel?

How about ":3000/managing/1/room/new"? or ":3000/managing/1/room/1"?

Also, what would the link_to in my managers/index.html.erb would look like? (link_to "Click to Manage this hotel", ?? )

Thank you in advance, I appreciate any tips, is this the right way of doing things? I'm kind of confused...