Help with : auto complete, cross platform issues, directory access and database migration in Rails

Hi Everyone,

I have four problems which I haven't been able to solve for a while, and would appreciate any help:

1. Autocomplete question: I moved an application I started in Rails 1.0 ( to Rails 2.0 by looking at all the deprecated warnings. I no longer have the deprecated warnings, but auto complete no longer works. I installed the plugin, but it still does not work. ANY pointer as to how to get it working will be helpful.

2. Cross-platform question I generated the scaffold on a windows machine. I was really happy to see that the same exact code worked on Mac OS X without any alteration, right off the bat. Go Ruby!

However as I was fiddling with autocomplete installation I realized that the scripts had been coded to invoke ruby the windows way (e.g. c: \Programs\ruby) rather than the linux way (/usr/bin/env ruby) which was an easy fix:

Is there a way to convert a windows generated project so it will work in linux?

3. Directory access question Is there a way for the application to serve up files that exist out side the folder tree of the app? I use the app to access papers in pdf format and right now I have stored the pdfs inside the source tree, making it inelegant: my research papers are mixed in with the source code of my reference manager (rriki) and I find that not so good.

4. Database migration I started off using MySQL. I think however, I would like to use sqlite-3 and store the database outside the source tree, along with my research documents.

Does any one know of a proper way to move all the data in a MySQL database into a sqlite-3 database?

Many, many thanks to anyone who can help be a little bit with these things. -Kaushik