Help with ActiveRecord Database tables

I am decent with setting up databases and their relationships using Ruby on Rails. I have a plan to create a planner for a music company where users can view their rota and which days they will be working and what song they will play will play on that day, which will be created by the admin. I have created 3 blank linked pages already and need help with my database. The 3 pages are:

home - will have a current rota with songs open to view for all

calendar - where users will be able to block out dates when they are not available which only the user and admin will be able to see.

settings- this page is only for the admin and he will be able to edit rota, view members, edit members details, add new members, add songs.

Please Please Please, I need help with the tables and their relationships, once I have a strong plan, I can develop the site the way I want it.