Help - using getting started with rails guide.

Hey guys

I am using the getting started with rails guide and i am stuck at a certain point. I am up to creating a new html.erb file within the app/views/articles. However how do i actually create the new file. Do u do it in the command prompt or another script editor?

Help please


Any way you like really. You can do it in command prompt if you are more comfortable with it or you can create it in script editor.

Hope it helps.


If you’re using Mac OS X, I think TextMate is (still) a good text editor to start with. It will not grow with you, when you outgrow it I recommend RubyMine (which I love personally)

Other popular choices include Sublime, or many developers like vi.

Here’s a stack overflow post about different text editor options:

I’d recommend you spend some time reading the manual of whichever one you choose, and in particular look for the section “How to Create a New File” which will answer your question in the context of whatever text editor or IDE you are using.


In your text editor use the - save as - command then save the new.html.erb filename into the articles folder.