Help Updating Database With Checkboxes

I don’t understand your code very well, but i think that you need something like this:

The answer about the negative id is on:

@orderitem = OrderItem.find(:all)

@lineitem.order_item_id =

@orderitem is an Array!

Has many through gives more flexibility, no?


I think that what you need is just a checkbox like:

<%= check_box_tag “line_item[orderitem_ids][]”, %>

And so,

@lineitem =[:line_item])

will works fine!

P.S.: the problem about the negative Array id, is because the Array id is the Ruby object id, not an ActiveRecord id.


Has many through gives more flexibility, no?

Yes, in this case through is the best solution, but the problem about creation will be solved at the some way.

Mr. Bill:

Post your models’s source.

Your OrderItem model has not the belongs_to :line_items, but this is not the problem.
I can’t understand why method missing, because you have has_many :order_items…

Well, sory, but i can’t help more.

For a HABTM (Has and Belongs To Many) I believe that you need to
change the names for tables and classes. It seems contentious, but to
my understanding it would be:

class Order
class Item
class ItemOrder

corresponding to:

table orders
table items
table items_orders

or, perhaps it's item_orders, or order_items for the table name. That
part seems contentious. Oh, I find "item" to be kinda vague as it
could be any kind of item. How about "dish", "entree" or "food"?