Help: Timestamp and Userstamp just stopped working

Steven Talcott Smith wrote:

Do not call my_model.record_timestamps = false unless you want to turn
this behavior off system-wide.

Interesting. What you want should certainly be possible.

This is what I found in the documentation

Keep in mind that, via inheritance, you can turn off timestamps on a
per model basis by setting record_timestamps to false in the desired

  class Feed < ActiveRecord::Base
    self.record_timestamps = false
    # ...

Try doing this and see if it helps (on your development box :slight_smile:

I'm not sure why doing "self." would be different from what you did,


The best coverage of that topic that I've seen so far has been in Ruby
for Rails.

-- James

What ended up working for me was this:

class Weird < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.record_timestamps; false; end

Hope it helps,