Help Symfony(PHP) to RoR(Ruby)

Hello fellow Railers,

I am very new to Ruby and the Rails Framework, I would just like to
inquire about multi language support in RoR, I have worked with
Symfony (You know the other PHP framework) and it's support for l18n
is pretty good.

Is there multi language support in RoR?

This would be of help,


Generally (with a few easy hacks to Ruby & the DB backend) Rails does
input/output fine. String manipulations and regex operations can be
broken though. Btw, symfony is a great intro to Rails: you'll soon
realize tho, that it's MUCH easier and cleaner in the rails world.


Thanks Jatinder and Vishu, that helps alot.

Another question, if i have created a scaffold of a table called
products. Now if i add a new column in mysql to the products table
will RoR know of this change or will i have to do something similar as
in Symfony where you have to rebuild the model?

No, you have nothing to do

The model will know, no rebuilding needed and it will be reflected in the on-the-fly type scaffolding, but of course if you’ve generated ‘real’ scaffolding “script/generate scaffold product” … you’ll need to adjust the code that’s been created there yourself. The exception being, that if you haven’t actually modified that code anyway, you could just regenerate it and it too would be updated.