Help - Script this?

Hi all,

Ruby Newbie here...

I am working on my first problem space with ruby and I am trying to
write a script that will automate this task, I also use workspace
macro pro, but it is finicky sometimes. If anyone thinks they can
help solve my dilemma, i would be massively appreciative and quite
impressed as well!!!!Here it is in all its grandeur:

I need to pull the dates for earnings calls and conference calls for
companies from 10-K/10-Q/20-F for the whole year. These metrics will
have to be pulled from websites such as, which has the
filings for all the companies. The metrics for each company must be
entered into a spreadsheet. I have attached an example for your

Where to Find the Data
1. Pick up the Ticker symbol from the "Industries" Sheet in the file.
2. Go
3. Click on "Search for Companies Filings" under Filings and Forms
4. Click on "Companies and Other Filers" under "General Purpose
5. Type in the company ticker into the CIK field
6. Type 10-Q in the "Form Type" field if searching for the quarterly
report. If searching for fiscal year transcript, type in 10-K (If the
company does not have a 10-K/10-Q, then search for a 20-F)
7. View the date 10-K in HTML, add it to the "Dates in report" column.
8. If the date has passed, then ignore this step: Take the date for
the past year earnings release for the specific quarter and add one to
the year, before adding it to the "Estimated Dates" column
9. If following Step 8, post estimated to the "Estimated/Confirmed"
column. Otherwise post Confirmed in the column
10. Specify which kind of report under the "Source" Column.
11. Specify the referred industry, as given in the next sheet
(adjacent to the company ticker) under the "Industry Segment" Column

Data Entry Rules:
1. Entries can be either datewise (starting from Jan 1 to Dec 31) or
company wise (starting from AFL to XOHO.OB)
2. Please make sure that all figures are entered in the correct form
as required. Company ticker symbol must be used, Dates must be in mm/
dd/yyyy form.
3. It should be possible to filter and sort data from any column
4. 4q is the one that corresponds the the fiscal year's filing which
can be found on the 10-K/20-F reports of the companies

I'd be impressed, too. Impressed that you got someone to write an
entire application for you.

I think you could use mechanize.
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