Help! RubyGems is broken!

I have a problem with RubyGems:

ruby gt.rb
ruby: no such file to load -- ubygems (LoadError)

Here are my compiler and gem versions:

ruby --version
  ruby 1.8.7p5000 (2009-03-03 revision 22728) [x86_64-linux] <<built
from stable source download>>

gem --version
  1.3.1 <<download of source tar.gz file from RubyForge>>

When I built rubygems, I saw a reference to 'ubygems', but it looked
like a typo.

The source program has a "require 'rubygems' " line, and my profile
file has a "RUBYOPT=rubygems" environment variable set.

I am at a loss to determine what is causing this.

Could you not try re-installing ruby gems??



remove the rubyopt thing from your profile. I have seen that cause
this exact error on many systems.
Of course, restart your terminal session after changing your profile. :slight_smile: