Help refactoring a multi-page process

We have been working on an application for a call center where calls are scripted for phone operators. Upon receiving a phone call, the operator is presented with a screen that tells them what to say, and what information to collect from the caller. Based on the information received from the call, the operator is taken through a progression of similar screens, where the page flow can change dramatically based on the caller's responses. Extensive information about the call itself is logged, in addition to the information relayed to the operator by the caller.

The operator may have to add a caller as a client, look their existing client record up, reconcile situations where a caller believes that they are an existing client, but no information is found, etc. In the context of a phone call, adding a client or identifying a client from a list drops the operator back into the phone call flow, however resources such as clients can be managed in a more typical CRUD scenario in addition to being interacted with during a phone call, where adding a client would route the user to back to the client list.

Typically, associations to clients and as many as six other business objects are made during a call.

We have been working on restructuring this part of the application to be more RESTful, but haven't landed on anything that we are happy with. Any input would be greatly appreciated.