help needed

Without logs it is very hard to deduce what has occurred

but the error appears to be happening on the following routes

/categories/show/wine /categories/sub-categories/red-wines

but not on

/categories/sub-categories/biscuits /categories/show/food

Therefore at a guess there is a problem accessing the Wine model (if infact youhave a wine model?).

Query your database copy though script/console to ensure you can access the wine model.

if that works then you know the problem is somewhere in the controller code handling the wine model. Anyway you really need the server error logs that show you the problem and should provide a stack trace so u can see where it is failing.

By the way your drop down menus dont work in Safari. (the background is clear not white or whatever)

Andy Dercole wrote:


the log file is huge, how can i open and look at it without the computer to stall?