Help needed with marshaling/serializing nested assocs

Hi all, I want to export/unload database content to the client side, so that it could be loaded back later. The content contains many nested associations and zig-zag references via foreign keys, and it is important to preserve the information which foreign keys point to the same object.

The problem: JSON has no notion of a repeating object.

class Content
  def initialize name
    @name = name
class Container
  attr_accessor :content1, :content2

c = "this is unique"
cer =
cer.content1 = c
cer.content2 = c

puts cer.to_json
{"content1":{"name":"this is unique"},"content2":{"name":"this is unique"}}

YAML would do it correctly (as would Marshal.dump):

puts cer.to_yaml
--- !ruby/object:Container
content1: &1 !ruby/object:Content
  name: this is unique
content2: *1

But both Marshal and YAML are unsafe to load from the client side. Is there another solution?