help me . have to do a project in less span of time

THE ACTUAL PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: The project implementation will be done with all necessary features included along with security aspects.

some of the functionalities :

a) Accessing through website.

b) Selecting the projects.

c) Adding them to wish-list.

d) Contacting other users.

e) Getting notifications.

Chatting with other users.

g) Request for participation in the projects.

h) Posting projects/ideas.

Adding or deleting one’s reports or data in their own access.

Updating data.

k) Password/profile modifications.

Search by keyword functionality

m) Sign-up./sign-in

can someone please help me in completing this problem in Ruby on rails.

i have very less span of time .while implementing im getting so many problems and errors . now im thinking why i chose ROR !.

can someone help me by splitting problem like defining models with different attributes as specified above through which i should’t land in troubles in middle of the project

your personal help by sending email-id is highly appreciable.

thank you

You should fork an existing project(s) from github, and combine them.

i can combine but it is possible with the similar kind of projects. are there any similar kind of projects on github?( that u know )