Help me about connect to server(localhost) show list Image

I'm trying to create Demo Web with RoR.I want upload Image form PC to
server (localhost) then in Showpage can show list image that users had
I uploaded Image with PaperClip and can show this Image had just Upload
but can't show List Image(all Images that all users Uploaded).Could you
help me this problem?Thanks

In a previous email I suggested that you work right through a tutorial
such as in order to get the basics of rails. Have
you done that? The vagueness of the question suggests that you have


I have read some tutorial from eg Railstutorial or RailsCast...and try
some example
But I have to create Demo in 15 days so I can't enough time to learn
step by step.After 6 days I finish Demo I will more time to learn RoR
and doing with RoR step by step