Having trouble writing the right view to generate the de

Now of course I'm having trouble with the default fields in edit. I've
changed edit.html.erb so that editing an existing claim works.

Here's my edit.html.erb

<h1>Edit Claim's Information</h1>

<%= "Enter claim number #{h(@claim.claim_number)}'s information." %>

<% form_for :claim, :url => claim_path(params[:id]),
     :html => {:method => :put} do |f| %>
    Patient Number:
    <%= text_field_tag :patient_number %>
    Doctor Number:
    <%= text_field_tag :doctor_number %>
    Procedure Code:
    <%= f.text_field :procedure_code %>
    Date Performed:
    <%= f.text_field :date_performed %>
    Doctor Filed:
    <%= f.text_field :date_filed %>
<%= submit_tag "Save Changes" %>
<% end %>
<%= link_to "Or go back to claim information.",
    claim_path(:id => @claim.id) %>

Is there some way to manually set what the default text is in a text