Hash from Flex

update_attributes expects a proper hash. You're handing it a
NamedObject. I'm not exactly certain what that is, but can you
convert it into a hash and then pass it into update_attributes?

when you inspect it, it should look something like:

puts h.inspect
# => {"c"=>3, :a=>1, :b=>2}

not like

puts obj.inspect
# => #<RandomClass:0xb7c1f324 @inst={"c"=>3, :a=>1, :b=>2}>

Check the documentation for NamedObject and see if you can find some
way to have it return a hash. If there is none, you can grab the
anonymous_object instance variable directly:

hash = named_obj.instance_eval { @anonymous_object }

... with the understanding that if NamedObject's implementation
changes in the future, your method might break.