Hard/Soft wrapping in Rails Guide

This issue is based on discussion of this PR.

I translate rails guide to Japanese using Google Translator Toolkit(GTT) at https://github.com/yasslab/railsguides.jp .

In GTT, when use translation memory, some line breaks in one sentence causes problem.

Translation memory stores pair of an English sentence and a Japanese sentence.

But translation memory treats a line as a sentence. So if there are some line breaks in one sentence, it is treated as some sentences :frowning:

So can we change Rails Guide wrapping rule to soft wrapping.

And is Hard wrapping current rule ?


Yes, we do have some line width rule.

Maybe you can try making a parser for that first that joins the line per Markdown standard, then pass that to GTT.


Yes, we are slowly wrapping new additions to 80 chars. It’s easier for people that use editors that don’t have word-wrapping and it’s easier to read diffs when only some minors modification are done. Furthermore, this is not a concern for many people but guides are easier to read as they are, without any parsing, when there’s this wrapping.

+1 for the proposition of Prem if it’d work for you ! Thanks for bringing this discussion anyway ; this is something that we should add to the guides guidelines !