HAproxy not listening to all IP address

guys,          i am trying to install HAproxy infront of my webserver. usually my webserver listens on port 80 and since we have 5 ip address serving 5 different sites on the same physical server the webserver listens to all these ips and proxy the traffic to the relavent app servers.

now the problem is if want to loadbalance i should install HAproxy on port 80 and there lies the problem. Because HAproxy as i know after going through the config files for the last 2 days doesn't listen to more than one ip. now since i have traffic related to 5 ips coming on one port i have no clue how to make HAProxy listen to all that traffic and then proxy that to their app servers.

i am really amused HAproxy listens to only one ip per port.

looking for help from you guys.

Cheers, Deepu.

Make HAproxy listen for the IP, this will make it listen on all possible IPs for your machine.