Guideline for email setup scenario

I am searching for a tutorial/example/guide if there is one on sending an email from a visitor (no user registration is needed currently) to my site to someone else. The visitor has to enter their email address and the recipient(s)' email address(es) in a form and submitted it to generate the email. The tutorials I have seen so far demonstrate email substituting email addresses in one case for another or there are more setup requirements for my scenario (I would think so). Please point me the way. Thanks!

You should be able to set this up by following the examples in ActionMailer.

But even if you figure it out - don't do it. Even with good CAPTCHAs, you'll end up being a spammer magnet. You'll also likely end up sending mails that aren't likely to reach their recipients; if tries to send an email to his buddy, here are some issues:

- if defines an SPF record, your mail looks fake - if DKIM signs its mail, your mail looks REALLY fake - filters on that inspect the headers are going to be confused

You may want to look into setting the envelope address to a real address attached to your site, but it's still ultimately going to be messy.

--Matt Jones