Groundbreaking Start-Up Seeks Web Architect/Developer (London UK, Contract-to-Hire)

Hark & Company is a software & consulting start up which will address
a universal organisational need, i.e. aggregating the thinking of many
people in real time. Starting from the current planned functionality,
algorithms, and interface (captured in use-cases, an Excel VBA
prototype, and a clickable wireframe mock up), you will architect and
lead the development of the first version of this groundbreaking
collective intelligence web app.

General Duties
- Build the first version of a groundbreaking collective intelligence
web app
- Choose the tools and select and manage the other members of the team
as the need arises (developer(s), tester(s), designer(s)...)
- Start in april on a contract basis for 2-6 months then could convert
into permanent position with agreement of both parties.

- Strong knowledge of the selected technologies.
- Proven experience doing this kind of thing successfully.
- Ability to get things done well and fast.

Other details:
- This start up has more than sufficient seed funding to get this
product to market; both the contract rate and employment package
including stock options will be competitive.
- Own office with window. Aeron chair. 2 large flat screens. Unlimited
snacks and technical books ...
- London based.
- To apply, please email Candidates