Great news from acts_as_conference

Hey all,

A quick acts_as_conference update. We are happy to announce the

1. InfoQ Ruby editor Robert Bazinet posted an interview about
acts_as_conference ::
2. Charity Session :: EngineYard is giving away a FREE, 3-slice
configuration for one lucky charity session attendee
3. Railsmachine Party :: Railsmachine is going to have a party on
Saturday the 9th for conference attendees - these are always HOT
4. Apress :: is providing great giveaways for the conference

And if that isn't enough, we have one more huge giveaway to announce
as well. Stay tuned.

acts_as_conference ::
Charity Session ::

Register today and win! Happy new year to all of our fellow Rails


Will the presentations be available for download later? Specially this
one: "Adding Media to Your Rails Application"...

Cheers, Sazima