Google Gears - Offline Web Apps

A cross platform IE and Firefox plugin that includes a local server, a
database (sqlite) and a synchroniser. Does it have a future with Rails
do you think?

YES! we just need a Ruby finding of google gears as we have for
prototype in rails.
Who will need Joyents Slingshot. Everything is here available in
browser offline and with syncing capabilities.

Soon we will be using Basecamp offline :slight_smile:

Thanks Google :slight_smile:

Funny, I’ve been investigating Slingshot all day. I was interested in the Gears annoucement as well, but all that garbage with the data layer looks like a maaaajor pain in the ass.

Have you all read this?

…I have a headache.

Slingshot includes your Rails application, Google Gears doesn’t, so there’s quite an intrinsic difference. Google Gears might hold up for the Google apps (which rely mostly on clientside code, except for the data itself), but for a web app with lots of serverside logic it’s probably not going to be sufficient.

Exxxxxactly. But is anyone even using Slingshot in production, or at all? It looks half-baked at the moment.

I’m investigating it’s use for inclusion in some of our offerings.

what about the concept of including Gears support within the prototype layer? Would this be the ultimate way to get support for Rails?

This sort of thing is going to be very very useful. If I remember correctly, Joyent ( already developed something like this specific for Rails apps. No affiliation - I just remember spotting it in passing and thinking that would be cool on an iPhone...




2) If the logic distribution is somehow implied, then does this mean
that you have one or two copies of the "data layer"/"smart business
logic"/whatever you want to call it? Like is it Javascript on the
server and then you download/sync. it to get equivalent offline


If you're using google gears, why have any server side business
logic? Seems advantageous to let the client deal with that.