Google calendar is not working properly with gcal4ruby (0.2.6)

I'm using

Rails - 2.2.2

gcal4ruby (0.2.6)

I'm using google calendar to display events for users in my website.

Till 18-march-2012 everything was working fine. But now whenever user
add events to the calendar it show only busy in the calendar.

My code is

def add_event
          user_id =

          service =
          service.authenticate("", "password")

          calendar = GCal4Ruby::Calendar.find(service, 'Events' ,
{:scope => :first})

          title = params[:events][:location].upcase+' -
'+params[:events][:traveller].upcase+' - '+params[:events][:title]

          event =
          event.title = title
          event.content = params[:events][:content]
          event.where = params[:events][:location]
          event.start = Time.parse("#{sdate} at #{kstime} ")
          event.end = Time.parse("#{edate} at #{ketime}")
          if !
            return false
            event_id =
params[:events][:content], params[:events][:location], sdate, stime,
edate, etime, user_id)
          redirect_to :action=>"index"