Gmaps on Rails

I went ahead and called


Good debugging!

I found this to be a problem:

   Routing Error
   No route found to match "/create" with {:method=%gt;:get}

Unfortunately I don't see anything wrong. Any thoughts?

I had a problem with this too... Here's what I did:

  map.upload 'upload/:sid/:file',
    :controller => "upload",
    :action => "upload",
    :store => nil,
    :requirements => { :file => /[^\/]+/ }

Note the "requirements" section... it's a regular expression to tell rails
what format to expect for that parameter. I'm guessing either the
greater-than sign or the colon is confusing rails.

On that note, I'm curious about the %gt; too.. I would have expected > or
a percent-escaped hex code...