globalite problem for website online but not offline


I’ve just put online my first website in ruby on rails but I’ve a
problem with the globalite plugin.

Locally the plugin works perfectly, with detection of the browser’s
language. My application is foreseen in French and Dutch but locally,
if the browser is f.e. in English, the application is automatically
opened in Dutch.
But online this specification doesn’t work anymore. For the browser not
in French or dutch, the application doesn’t work properly with a lot of
“localization_missing” errors.

Someone has any idea where the problem is?

To manage the languages available on the website, I’ve created a
controller “language” to define the 2 languages available.

In environment.rb, I’ve added this “Globalite.language = :nl”

Hereunder my application.rb

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  helper :all # include all helpers, all the time

  include AuthenticatedSystem
  # See ActionController::RequestForgeryProtection for details
  # Uncomment the :secret if you're not using the cookie session store
  protect_from_forgery # :secret => '5880ee74dae8cc2f2a3cc02e4976d601'

  around_filter :set_locale
  # Set the locale from the parameters, the session, or the navigator
# If none of these works, the Globalite default locale is set (en-*)
  def set_locale
    @current_path = request.env['PATH_INFO']
    @request_method = request.env['REQUEST_METHOD']
    if params[:user_locale]
        logger.debug params[:user_locale]
        Locale.code = params[:user_locale]
#get_matching_ui_locale(params[:user_locale][:code]) #||
session[:locale] || get_valid_lang_from_accept_header ||
        session[:locale] = Locale.code
    elsif session[:locale]
        Locale.code = session[:locale]
        Locale.code = get_valid_lang_from_accept_header.local_case
    logger.debug "[globalite] Locale set to #{Locale.code}"

  def get_sorted_langs_from_accept_header
    accept_langs = (request.env['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] ||
"en-us,en;q=0.5").split(/,/) rescue nil
    return nil unless accept_langs
    wl = {}
    accept_langs.each {|accept_lang|
        if (accept_lang + ';q=1') =~ /^(.+?);q=([^;]+).*/
            wl[($2.to_f rescue -1.0)]= $1
    logger.debug "[globalite] client accepted locales: #{wl.sort{|a,b|
b[0] <=> a[0] }.map{|a| a[1] }.to_sentence}"
    wl.sort{|a,b| b[0] <=> a[0] }.map{|a| a[1] }
  def get_valid_lang_from_accept_header
get_matching_ui_locale(l) }
  def get_matching_ui_locale(locale)
    lang = locale[0,2].downcase
    if Globalite.ui_locales.values.include?(locale.local_case)
    Globalite.ui_locales.values.each do |value|
      value.to_s =~ /#{lang}-*/ ? value : nil
class String
  def local_case
      if self[3,5]

Hereunder where I defin the language in my controllers:
@homepages =

Thanks in advance for your help!