GlassFish gem 1.0.0 available

This is 1.0.0 release of GlassFish gem. This release is based on GlassFish v3 final release.

Checkout the release notes and report any issue or send us your comments on the forum.

New features in this release

  1. Implemented using GlassFish v3 embedded API.

  2. Startup time improvement. Almost 15-18% faster startup.

  3. Fully Rack compliant

  4. Support for running GlassFish gem by passing code block

GlassFish::Server.start(:address=>“”, :port=>4000) do

use Rack::CommonLogger

use Rack::ShowExceptions

map “/hello” do

use Rack::Lint


run {[200, {“Content-Type” => “text/html”}, “Hello”]}



  1. Lots of fixes for Sinatra support (extensions, middleware etc.)

  2. New -a CLI switch to bind to a given IP address

  3. Grizzly (NIO based HTTP library) configuration thru glassfish.yml

$ gfrake config

Then look inside config/glassfish.yml.

  1. Improved support for running Rackup scripts

**Bug fixes **

25812 ActionController::Request.remote_ip is not set

26147 Setting Hostname IP Address Incorrectly

26149 Glassfish Gem fails to load Rails application in the production


26208 Can’t get glassfish to start rails in thread-safe mode

26821 Error when running rack app

26866 JVM crash probably due to log file running over limit

26935 rack.run_once not getting set

27030 Extending CLASSPATH poisons glassfish gem?

27125 Application Environment not passed to Sinatra