GitHub :author param to config.gem (Rails::GemDependency)

Lately my environment.rb is filled with GitHub gems. I suspect yours is too.

I got a bit tired of all the :source and :lib stuff, so I whipped this patch to allow me to pass :author => 'foo'. It then changes the defaults for :lib and :source (as well as changes the gem name), to fit what GitHub expects.

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I like the idea. I'd prefer :prefix or :prepend over :author though as Damian mentioned on lighhouse.

However, I also agree with Pratik when it comes to putting service specific code into Rails core. Would it be possible to not explicitly specify as the source and let rubygems handle this? When using the gems CLI this works..


Jordi Bunster wrote:

It feels like a plugin.

config.github_gem "nowayout", :author => "pdiddy"

as a wrapper around config.gem which gets you what you want.

I have it working like that here, but in a pre-initializer. I suspect
it's not possible to do as a plugin, because they get loaded after
that step.