Getting errors in cached environment on destroy

Show us your model code please, specificially whatever is calling after_destroy.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that is being called in the after
destroy and I don't see anything in the acts_as_paranoid that would
cause the problem.

class Page < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :account
  has_many :contents
  has_many :current_contents, :class_name => "Content", :conditions =>
'expires = false or expires_on > "#{}"', :order => "id desc"
  has_many :expired_contents, :class_name => "Content",:conditions =>
'expires = true and expires_on < "#{}"', :order => "id desc"

  validates_presence_of :name


  def to_param
    "#{id}-#{name.gsub("\s", "_")}"


:slight_smile: There was a different sweeper that was calling the after_destroy
method. I missed that one.

Thanks for the help Ryan.