Getting error while submitting form in ruby on rails with radiant

i tried little bit but it doesn’t helpful to me (with the help of googling and stackoverflow suggestions ):

  1. “class Admin::ResourceController < ApplicationController” this is in resource_controller.rb file. and i also tried to put resource_controller.rb file out of admin. but it gives error LoadError (Expected /home/ec2-user/rubygems-1.4.2/new/vendor/radiant/app/controllers/resource_contro‌​ller.rb to define ResourceController): vendor/extensions/smartmove/app/controllers/quote_requests_controller.rb:1

  2. i also tried to replace “class QuoteRequestsController < ResourceController::Base” to “class QuoteRequestsController < Admin::ResourceController” but still it gets an error will be same and i search by googling to add require “resource_controller” in top of the controller but it doesn’t help to solve an error.

Thanking You,