Getting Caching Working with Markaby

I want to use Rails' caching when using Markaby
templates, but I get errors like this:

`method_missing': no such method `length') on line #0 of
2: cache("#{@site.server_name}/index_items") do

Tim said:

Yep, the length error is because a lot of Rails'
internals still assume ERB, which uses a
different buffer structureto Markaby.

Looking at Rails' code:

      # Called by CacheHelper#cache
      def cache_erb_fragment(block, name = {}, options
= nil)
        unless perform_caching then; return

        buffer = eval("_erbout", block.binding)

        if cache = read_fragment(name, options)
          pos = buffer.length

          write_fragment(name, buffer[pos..-1],

It seems like Markaby might have to have a "length"
attribute and/or act like "buffer"? Or would Rails
need to be changed on the eval line?


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Kevin Clark

Actually this is rails development related: fragment caching in rails does
not work other than erb template types. The error being thrown is always
the same since fragment caching was built specifically targeting ERB

I have hit this problem when trying to fragment cache builder templates.
Submitted a patch in #6642, to allow caching in Builder and Rjs templates

Additionally extending for other templates like Foo (*.foo) would be as
simple as adding a controller method like:

def cache_foo_fragment(block, name)
fragment_for(block, name, options) do
   # use eval here to retrive the generated content up to now

For some tempate types like Markaby retrieving generated content up to a
certain line is tricky.

Btw kinda strange but I dont see this patch in any patch report.


Kevin Clark wrote: