Getting Approved by Adsense

First off, is it even possible?

A guy told me, "I can't see what's hidden behind your login requirement, but your content must be public otherwise crawlers won't see it nor index it."

I responded, "Web apps need a login requirement so that users can create their own dynamic content. If I remove the requirement than there are no users and therefore there is no app."

Since he's not a Ruby on Rails guy I figured I'd come to you, the experts.

My app is (up, but not finished). The Adsense snippets are placed in the sidebar under "Recommendations".

Twice Adsense has denied my application for "Insufficient content"

My guess is that Adsense is unable to get beyond the login requirement and so is claiming "insufficient content" because it is only seeing one page. Is there a work around?

Thank you so much!

The crawler has to be able to see it. Publish more content perhaps based on user content, eg tag clouds or have users’ published content be public.

Doesn’t sound like your site is a match for AdSense frankly though.

Those aren't bad suggestions. If my site isn't a match for AdSense though where else can I go to get ads on my rails web app?

Also I signed up for your website but the habits page gives an an error!

Thanks Andre! Sorry though we haven't officially launched it yet. We will be the end of the week. What your seeing now is a rough draft. And I was able to get approved by adsense via my blog then putting adsense code onto my web app from there.