Getting a 'true' value out of a method ?

Hi, I'm having trouble with one of my apps.

I'm trying to make a studio booking software.

Before creating a booking, I want to check if the studio is available.

I have a method checking for the availability of the studio which
returns false if the studio is already booked.

The problem is that the method returns 'nil' if the checking process

I tried a bunch of methods but none of them worked :frowning:

here is my code :

  def check_dispo(date, time, time_duration, week_duration)
    i = 0
    end_time = time + time_duration.strftime('%H').to_i*3600 +
    while i < week_duration
      studio_bookings = StudioBooking.find(:all, :conditions =>
["start_date = ?", date])
        for studio_booking in studio_bookings
          studio_booking_end_time = studio_booking.time +
studio_booking.time_duration.strftime('%H').to_i*3600 +
          unless time >= studio_booking_end_time || end_time <=
            return false
      i += 1
      date = date + 7
    return true

Well, your method has two return statements in it, neither of which return nil, so this sounds impossible to me. Can you give an example set of arguments for which your method will return nil?

Pete Yandell