get your open source on

Interested in diving into an open source project for a good cause?

I'm looking for a bit of help from 1 or 2 other interested developers.
Experience matters not. Passion and dedication certainly does. Love
for independent music and musical open-mindedness is required. is a site I launched a few weeks ago, providing a
non-commercial home for musicians. Folks upload their tracks, create
playlists, get feeds for itunes, put their music on facebook, get some
stats about who is listening, etc...

The basic feature set is roughed-in and fairly stable. The help I'm
looking for involves maintenance, making things more usable &
friendly, increasing spec coverage, as well as rolling out a couple
asked-after features over the next few months. Hard creative work.

You'll be using/learning Rails 2, rSpec, LowPro, SASS, git, and a
bunch of other trendy and cutting edge awesomeness.

We'll be competing with sites and startups who are looking to profit
off of independent musician's "content." We're offering a safe haven
for fledgling and experienced musicians, devoid of commercialism, and
a simple down to earth home for their music. is where to see the existing site. is where to browse the source.

Whups, I had to pull the git repo offline for a bit.

Anyone else wanting to view the alonetone source, either hold on for a
day or two while I git my stuff together, or email me at sudara IZAT
alonetone DIZZOT commie

And....alonetone is back on the open source track and still looking
for interested developers:

Check out the product here (note: we're doing a redesign shortly here,
so lots of work coming up!):