get values

Hi all,

I have a web with a table which list the values of a model and I want to
add a toolbar for edit, show and delete a row.

I have added OnClick event that calls a JavaScript method to highligth
the selected row and I want to get the ID of that selected row to pass
to the buttons (each button have a Link_to) in the toolbar to launch the
action to the ID selected.

Somebody knows how can I do this?

Thanks in advance for your help

Do what? If you have an onclick event handler already configured,
you have the event target object -- if that's not the selected row, then
it must have some relationship to the row.

IOW, you're changing the style (or className, or something) of the
row -- so you already have access to the object (row) id.

Unless I haven't had enough coffee and totally misunderstand :slight_smile:


Hassan Schroeder wrote: