GeoCoder for two different models

Hi All,
        In my new project i am using geocoder gem for finding the
nearest things to a location can i use it for two different models
like i have a volunteer model
and party model
when ever a party created
i should find the volunteers which are near to a party.

Can you post what you've tried? I was just working on this last night, with great success, so I may be able to help you.


The two different models are Party and volunteer.
I have to find all the volunteers who are near to a party.
Here is mycode

def show
@party = Party.find(params[:id])
@volunteers = Volunteer.near(@party.latitude, @party.longitude,
10, :order => :distance)


show.html.erb in party views

<% for volunteer in @volunteers %>
       <li><%= link_to volunteer.first_name, volunteer %> (<%=
volunteer.distance.round(2) %> miles)</li>
<% end %>

But i am getting the following error

undefined method `to_coordinates' for 17.4359:Float

Got it
it should be @volunteers = Volunteer.near([@party.latitude,
@party.longitude], 10, :order => :distance)

venkata reddy wrote in post #1026555:

Got it
it should be @volunteers = Volunteer.near([@party.latitude,
@party.longitude], 10, :order => :distance)

Thank you, venkata! Very little clear and concise documentation out
there and this kind of help is much appreciated!