Generators not working under Rails 2.1.2?


On all of my Rails 2.1.2 projects (released today), whenever I try to
generate anything, I get the result "undefined method `empty?' for


mbp15:~> rails -v
Rails 2.1.2
mbp15:~> rails ./example

mbp15:~> cd example
mbp15:~/example> ./script/generate model my_model name:string
undefined method `empty?' for /_generator$/:Regexp
mbp15:~/example> ./script/generate migration my_first_migration
undefined method `empty?' for /_generator$/:Regexp

Any thoughts? Anyone else experiencing this?


Installed the latest version of Ruby Enterprise Edition (though normal
Ruby would probably work too) and everything is fine now.

I think I had a patched version leftover from a security issue that
arose earlier this summer, and the latest version of Rails didn't like
it so much.


Update the rubygems :

gem update --system

I'm having the same problem. I'm on a Gentoo box with Ruby 1.8.6 and
all the latest patches. Pratik's suggestion did nothing (actually my
rubygems was already up-to-date).

I'm downgrading to 2.1.1 if no quick solution comes up soon.

BTW, Google already indexed this:

Thought I might post it here in case someone finds a solution and
posts it over there.

My bad. I didn't provide the complete update instructions :

[lifo@null ~]$ sudo gem update --system
[lifo@null ~]$ sudo update_rubygems