generate authenticated user error

I am pulling my teeth out over here. It makes sense that the second step
in setting something (role_requirements in this case) I have problems -
thats just how I roll....pun intended!

I run this:
ruby script/generate authenticated user sessions
after running this
sudo ruby script/plugin install
… quirement/

as told by this:

and I get this error:

./script/../config/../config/environment.rb:61: undefined local variable
or method `config' for main:Object (NameError)
        from .../vendor/rails/railties/lib/commands/generate.rb:1:in
        from .../vendor/rails/railties/lib/commands/generate.rb:1
        from script/generate:3:in `require'
        from script/generate:3

replace ... with the full directory.

Could someone please translate. Thank you smile