Gems Question

I know is a Rails list, but I know someone has the answer> If gems are pre-compiled, does re-compiling other prereqs mean I need to re-install the gem?

I'm installing RMagick, and I had to recompile IMagick (decode_delegate error), the instructions for RM says that RM needs to be recompiled as well - but I used the gem, how should I proceed?

For now I'm compiling RM from source just to make sure, but it would be nicer to use the gem, at least in one part of the process...

What platform are you on? Windows or a unix variant?

Only on windows are binary gems common. Most gems on a unix variant will be compiled from source.

I'm on a Mac now, which does explain why the gem installs for windows seemed to go much faster. Thanks for the response.

- Nic.