Gemfile location

When i am create new project "rails new newProject", ruby create rails
files and next automaticly launch bundle install and setup standart

C:\Sites>rails new demo
      create README.rdoc
      create vendor/plugins/.git
         run bundle install

Where is standart gemfile location? Or how change standart set of gems?

If you want to find where a particular gem is:

Given: heroku gem is installed
When: you want to see where it is

$ gem which heroku



The Gemfile is typically located at the root of your app, in your case it will be in demo

So, you could

C:\Sites>cd demo

C:\Sites>type Gemfile

you can modify that file and then re-run it with a command “bundle” or “bundle install”

Hope this helps,


According to your command prompt you are using Windows where standard file location is:


for Ruby 1.9, and for ruby 1.8



Boško Ivanišević

Your question may be ambiguous. If you are looking for the file
Gemfile where you specify which gems you want then it is in the top
level folder of the new rails project, so C:\Sites\demo\Gemfile in the
case above.